Icky goes to 11!

Carroll Street

I am pleased to announce that although I do not live in Windsor Terrace and refer to myself in the third person at times, F.I.B has just made Icky in Brooklyn's Windsor Terrace Top Eleven! Many of my favorite bloggers are on this list so I am highly honored to be amongst them. Check us out!

P.S- This is what Icky says about Found in Brooklyn: "Funky fotos and found stuff from Carroll Gardens and Gowanus." This one's for you. Icky!


Icky said...

Now *that's* what I call a mermaid parade!

(Mer-Man, I guess. But not Ethel.)

http://whowalkinbrooklyn.com said...

the Windsor Terrorists just haven't been the same since that nutty hero shop down from Bishop Ford closed 8-9 years ago... it wasn't even great but it WAS awesome. you can imagibe Charles Durning going in there during the filming of "Dod Day" so he didn't LOSE weight, hah.

WWIB Photo Editor

Lisanne McT said...
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Icky said...

Heh! Remember that dumpy little place!? There was a little place a few years ago right on that corner by the auditorium ... didn't last. I think of the few little places over on Propsect Ave as our funky little strip now. Coupla cool places over on the edge of the weird-tiny-parks strip by the expressway too.