Blogade in Kensington March 9th!

This completely unrelated photo was taken last summer at the Art Parade.

My pal Joyce of Bad Girl Blog is hosting a Blogade on March 9th over in Kensington.

Here is what Joycie has to say.

"I'm hosting the Brooklyn Blogade on Sunday, March 9, at 12 p.m., in Kensington at the Old Brick Cafe, a little Italian/Balkan/Mediterranean restaurant on Church Avenue. Please come!

Time for "Show & Tell": Bloggers are encouraged to be brave and give a reading from one of their best blog posts. Or bring along your laptop and a screen and show us your best pics. Or just tell us about your best post. Please plan to limit your presentation to about five minutes so everybody can have a turn."

Joyce needs RSVP's by Thursday, March 3rd.

Any blogger is welcome, please spread the word if you know anyone that may be interested in participating.

Click here for the details!


Zyczymy Smacznego, WWIB said...

Some readers might be curious exactly what Italian/Balkan/Mediterannean is & I am too, tho' as a food writer I'm pretty sure Joyce means it's Albanian or Bosnian... not that you can always get a straight answer from the-- how you say?-- "wary" proprietors of such joints but still... still.

A welcome choice for such an event, I must say, as Kensington has had some great Albanian places over the years that DESTROY the jive Smith St reject bistro bullshit that some in Kensington & so-called "Ditmas Park" seem to prefer. If Old Brick scares away the squares-- as well it should-- then all the better!

Mos e mësofsh kurrë!

Zyczymy Smacznego
Who Walk In Brooklyn

Joyce Hanson said...

Hi, Zyczymy Smacznego. Erm...I haven't got a clue if the Old Brick Cafe is Albanian or Bosnian or...You'll just have to ask Eddy the proprietor, who gave me the brochure that calls the place Italian/Balkan/Mediterannean. Whatever the cuisine is, the restaurant is a charming little spot. Another mysterious yet charming Mediterranean restaurant on Church Avenue in Kensington is Ambrosia, which bills itself as Italian and yet the owner comes from Albania. When my husband and I had dinner there, we started concocting all sorts of imaginary tales about how the owner must have taken a boat trip in his youth from Macedonia to Bari and spent a summer cooking in Sicily and had finally realized a lifelong dream of becoming an Italian chef in Kensington and and and...