Hurt Dog found on 6th Ave with leash and collar on. Any info greatly appreciated!

I received this email today, read on...

"My husband & I found a cute brownish/reddish dog on Sixth Ave & 2nd or 3rd Street around 11pm last night. He's about 25lbs, and looks to maybe be a shiba inu mixed with something else (pitt?). He was hurt - had been hit by a car - and we took him to the vet. He's still there. He had a leash and collar, but no tags or microchip. Is he yours? Do you know who he belongs to? I'm anxious to get in touch with his owner."

This dog has a green and white checked collar, if you know ANYTHING or even if you think this dog LOOKS familiar, please contact Nicky at this email address: nicky(dot)agate(at)nyu(dot)edu

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