Toll Brothers Make the Bad Boy List.

This is the type of house the Toll Brothers have made their fortune on all over the country.

In doing some research on the Toll Brothers I came upon some alarming information about them. Last week, the very same Toll Brothers who want to build the large 577 unit condo development along the Gowanus, made the “Climate Watch” Companies list compiled by a group of leading US investors. The businesses selected to be on this list are companies who have failed to improve their focus and attention to business risks and opportunities from climate changes.

Toll Brothers are joined by Exxon/Mobil, Chevron, CVS, Ultra Petroleum, General Motors, Ford, Bed Bath & Beyond and get this one. WHOLE FOODS!

SO. Are we are supposed to TRUST this developer to take the care to build on an environmentally hazardous swamp land that is chock full of pathogens?! Trust Toll Brothers to build a man-made hill with a 220 car parking garage in it to “fix” its sewage filled flood zone status?!

This is such a no brainer, just why are our elected officials allowing this?

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PardonMeForAsking said...

Surprise, surprise...
Exxon and the T(r)oll Brothers on the same list.
This gets better and better all the time.
And Whole Foods, I have already decided that even if they ever come to the Gowanus area, i will not shop there. Why would I? I just don't trust that a "clean-up" can actually get rid of all the toxins in the ground.
Why would I take such a gamble on my health and on my family's well being?

Anonymous said...

toll brothers sold us a property that was built with weathered material that caused toxic mold to form in it and has refused to properly repair the property.
there was an article in the ny post in august that states about one of the molds found in this property killed 5 children in a hospital in NY.
And now they want to build on toxic land. God Bless who ever buys there. We never lived in the property and toll brothers refuses to properly repair it so it would be livable.

Lisanne McT said...

I am sorry to hear about your bad experience, where are you located if I may ask?

As far as this project is concerned, if they build here I am sure their sales agents won't be giving them the real story about what their house sits on.

Even with a new flushing tunnel, 7 out of 10 condoms will still probrably still get through!

Anonymous said...

hmm ... pardon me ... do you shop at any other remediated brownfield? Home Depot? Pathmark? Lowes?

Once remediated, health risk is no different than risk due to high lead levels / other contaminants in Carroll Park Soil. Have you tested the play equipment? It is likely you'll find lead paint.

Lisanne McT said...

yeah but is the playground located on a sewage filled floodzone with pathogens in the soil.

Anon, even though you were speaking to pardon me, i have to say, myself, i don't shop at any of those stores you listed. If i did I'd live in suburbia!

I just don't trust a company who has a history of overlooking enviromental issues to build on this site. Which, was the point of this blog post.

Anonymous said...

Actually, your picture does not do justice to the monstrosities that Toll builds. We bought one ... sorry to say. I have no idea what the particular issues are w/ your area, but Toll is a deep-pocketed company with a ruthless leader and lots of lawyer minions. They have taken communities to court to allow building to begin, and will pursue action with the agressiveness of a schoolyard bully. Best to not let the bully enter the schoolyard to begin with, because otherwise you'll have a huge fight on your hands. Your community needs to talk w/ other communities that have hosted toll, to understand how Toll works and to see what you need to expect.