First off, this my block. My beautiful desolate block. I like to call it Tobacco Road, it's off the beaten path yet minutes from civilization. I decided to start this Blog today, this FREEZING cold February day and because of that I will begin posting photos of stuff I've found starting 2 weeks ago. I usually find stuff on the weekends as that is when people usually clean and clear stuff out. Eventually I hope that this will become more of a real time journal with me posting within a day or so of finding my treasure (or trash!)

Hey it's Found in Brooklyn's OFFICIAL first birthday today. This is a repeat of my first post ever. I totally sound like I am talking to the void. Somehow people found me and as I mentioned in the post below the direction of the blog COMPLETELY changed. The original background color of F.I.B used to be a screaming purple by the way! Also, after fifteen years here I still never get tired of taking pictures of my light blue block!

Thanks for reading!


MizAnon said...

Happy Anniversary FIB.
Thanks for all of the entertainment and information.
Keep it coming!
Hugs and Kisses

Hipster McCommentsalot said...

Happy Birthday, FIB!! Many, many more! Also, you should have a Group Art Show every week!

amarilla said...

Happy Birthday! I can see why a block like that would inspire a blog. I'm glad it did.

Thanks again for the show at Freddy's, I enjoyed the art as much as the music. Now, I've got to go find my chicken!