Meanwhile back at Freddy's,this one is mine.

Some art to sooth your nerves after those last two posts where I was so enraged I got the name of the Toll Brothers project wrong. It's all the same to me, it's just all bad so it doesn't MATTER what their cutesy little names are. It should be called "the mini Atlantic Yards" as far as I'm concerned.

ANYWAY back to pimping the art show at Freddy's. This was my contribution to the show. I painted on found book covers and then collaged them together. Any of the images look familiar?

I will be continuing to feature the artists that participated in the show and I remind you to stop by Freddy's and see it for yourself. The demolition surrounding dear Freddy's is enough to drive one to drink. Freddy's is in the footprint of the Atlantic Yards and Bruce Ratner is the man they write their rent checks to, sick isn't it?

What is the matter with this world? Oh yeah! Greedy developers and the politicians who love them are selfishly destroying all the things we love about where we live!

Sounds like a comic book doesn't it? But unfortunately it is reality and there doesn’t seem to be a Superman to save us. So we have got to do our best to try and save it ourselves.

The "Found in Brooklyn Group Art Show" viewing hours are from 11am to 4am, 7 days a week.
Click here for links to see the websites of all the participating artists.

Freddy's Bar & Backroom
located at:
485 Dean Street Brooklyn, NY 11215
phone: 718.622.7035
That's the corner of Dean Street and 6th Avenue in Brooklyn.

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Berenice "The Abbott"/BZA said...

FIB!! Is that my BIBLE in the upper left?!?! Well, at least someone found a decent use for the goddamn thing. All that "good book" hokum got me was a one way ticket OUT of St. Finbar's! Sisters said I had "attitude problems" & was didn't "respect the authority of the Church," hah.

Goodbye Bath Avenue, Hello Murrow!

Photo Editor
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