Greenpointers. Read All About It!

Do you think these guys are hipsters or just fireman wannabes?

I think neither! A couple months ago I came across a huge cache of photographs from the Greenpoint area of Brooklyn. I sold most of them off but kept some for myself. This is one of them. Probrably taken in the mid to late 80's in Polish Greenpoint. Where are they now? Note the cultural crossing, the white rocker/stoner boy look with the hiphop wide lace adidas! Also now that I am analyzing it, the guy on the left is wearing an open leather vest with a flannel over, interesting look.

Anylyzing it much furthur I realize the guy on the left kind of looks like Ricky Kasso. Yes, I've read Say You Love Satan, hasn't everybody?

My reason for showing off these Polish-American stoner dudes is that my pal to the north, Justine Carroll of Greenpointers fame has made "blogger of the month" over at Brian Berger's Who Walk in Brooklyn. If you have never read Greenpointers, you should. Justine is a rarity amongst bloggers as she is local but doesn't have a chip on her shoulder about it. As she lives in a neighborhood that is changing she enjoys the best of both worlds, the old and the new and doesn't sound off on all of it but when she DOES go off, it is usually hilarious. The interview touches on everything from catholicism, street life, hanging out with her grandfather in the token booth to her stint on Staten Island and so much more. Read the whole thing for yourself here!

Ooooh, who will be Brian's next "Blogger of the Month"?! He IS picky and DOES like the underdog so stay tuned...he does great interviews, recently he reran an interview with Donald O'Finn, manager of Freddy's Bar and Backroom. I would like to remind people to go to Freddy's, you will miss it when it's gone, the bulldozers are surrounding it as we speak. Read the interview here.


Anonymous said...

Ah thanks for the shouout Lisanne!

And can I tell you I *love* that photo? We have to get together and take a peek at those Greenpoint pics you kept - I want to see them so badly!!

That guy on the left looks kinda familiar to me... lol

Lisanne said...

No probem! I didn't keep many but I got some real doozies! You need to take me on a GP pub crawl!

alexx said...

pure 80's !! so nice ...

jmo818 said...

I know these guys, that's Tommy on the right! I collect old photos of Greenpoint. If you are interested in selling any, please e-mail me at: jmo818@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

Found on Facebook here:

Holy shit how did they get that picture..I have a great story about that picture .We just saved a old lady from a fire on russell street .and that was my 18th birthday

Anonymous said...

That's me in that picture I'm on the right with the vest >there is a great story behind that picture.Link to my facebook page to read it