Landmark "Hood" milk bottle along the River Charles.
Hey kids I'm back from my mini vacation. I still can't get over that one can get a bus to Boston for the same price as a cab ride (15 bucks) from Manhattan to Brooklyn and it was way more comfortable! I have to say Boston is much more modern than I thought it would be, lots of ugly new office buildings and condos going up, cranes are everywhere, lots o'ugliness!Typical Boston streetscape. So sad.
Also that town closes down EARLY, don't even try to find something to eat after 10pm! I think there are two places you can go to (and we went to both!). AND don't even THINK about saying you are a Yankee fan there! Unless you are into getting into playing devil's advocate and getting a potential beat down. WAY too much energy is spent hating the "dark (dahk fahce) force". YES that's what they call us! They even have the winning world series ball that "broke the curse of 1918" in the BOSTON MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS! Do you think for a second that the Metropolitan would have a Yankee baseball in a glass case?I knew Boston was heavily Irish but didn't realize just HOW MUCH it was, but then again I was staying in "Southie" territory. More bars (bahs) than restaurants. But it it wasn't so conservative that I couldn't manage to find a drag queen! Despite my rants, I had a wicked good time!

P.S - That photo below is from a fun and resourceful installation in the trees of Metrotech Park. Go see the Ska-talites there on Thursday afternoon if you can!

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