Forever Chasing Rainbows.

Images in the sky are much brighter than they appear.
So, after putting up that slightly melancholy, "the worlds beatin' me up, ma" post, I went outside and got caught in that massive rain shower with the thunder and lightening. While waiting it out under an awning on Smith Street, a woman with a cane (ALWAYS a prophetic sign!) said to me ,"This is the type of rain that brings out rainbows." And sure enough it did and it was a massive stunner. I let everyone I saw walking in the opposite direction with their back to it know it was there. The only one that didn't react with "OH MY GOD!!!" was the big bald motorcycle mechanic dude on Carroll Street who just grunted at me. Anyway, sorry to say that the brightest shot has this postmodern sculpture/architectural monstrosity that nobody ever wanted in the neighborhood, that is NOBODY'S pot of gold.Hope y'all saw it and made your wishes!

This is REALLY geeky but I had was wondering about What makes a rainbow? after that, something most kids probrably know by the age of 10!


Miss Heather said...

That second shot is OUTSTANDING. Bravo!

LiteralDan said...

Those are some nice pictures-- I don't think I would have as much luck capturing such a distant and unsolid object.

Jan 4 Insight said...

The rainbow shots are beautiful, even the one with the big metal rooftop box in it.

BTW, rainbows are made by sunlight refracting off the water droplets from the rain shower. Since it depends on line of sight from the sun, each person sees their "own" unique rainbow. Isn't that cool?

For more info about rainbows (and to see if I pulled this out of my head correctly), try wikipedia.

Congrats on getting Blogs of Note!

cristal723blog said...

Nature is so Beautiful

chuck said...

At least two people wishing good wishes and dreams at the same time: their wishes and dreams make the rainbow-- very simple, really.