Found on Roebling Street

This was found after attending Joe's opening on Roebling Street in Williamsburg. Friend M (see feet below) bonded with this painting of a mysterious woman about to board a train as she is a woman who loves to travel and dress well herself. She lugged it around with us all night before deciding that someone else can have amd left it on the corner near the subway at Metropolitan Avenue. Anybody see it?


Sam said...

That's insane that she would carry it around all evening just to leave it on the subway.

It's not like you have to hold on the train to make sure it goes with you.

Cool painting though.

Damyanti said...

Really interesting painting. Congrats on becoming the Blog of note....that is how I found you!


Glenn Ingersoll said...

If only she'd had a radio flyer she that painting would be on her wall today.