Mermaid Parade 2008 *Saturday* 2pm!

Glue guns are heating and sewing machines are whirring as The Mermaid Parade is happening tomorrow. Weather is supposed to be great and there is lots of discontent among the founders and participators as Bloomoberg continues his crusade to eliminate anything unique and non corporate in this city. Read the post below to find out more....anyway this particular photo is from when Kembra Phaler of the fab rock band the Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black was the Queen, I do not recall the year, it might of been 1998, if anyone knows, feel free to comment. The band was selected to be part of the current crop of folks in the Whitney Biennial. A long way from when F.I.B used to see them play at CBGB's in the late 80's, the VHKB used to play a lot with the Lunachicks, Da Willy's and Sloth. That scene was called "Scum Rock' and F.I.B looovvved all the bands!!!

Anyway digressing again, the parade starts at 2pm. Click here for all the details on the parade from the good folks at Coney Island U.S.A who have tirelessly produced this event since the early 1980's! Be there or be, well, you know....square. And don't forget to put some sunblock on.

Click here to read F.I.B's story of being in the parade in the year 2000.



Junius Van Sinderen, Ombudsman said...

According to the Chronology in "New York Calling" by Brian Berger, the very first Mermaid Parade was held in...


I was in Rockapulco that day, maybe even fucking around at Playland? Maybe.

Karen Black was... Kris Kristofferson's girlfriend once, right?


sewnut said...

I'm a Coney Island girl from back when....
This has been agreat Coney week for me. I had a visit home after a long absence and serendipity led me to your blog. I will be back.