Gowanus After the Rains.

You might think this a french impressionist painting ala Monet but NO it's really an exceptionally huge hunk of raw sewage drifting down the Gowanus Canal. As our current weather patterns make it clearly apparant here and everywhere, global warming is upon us. More Rain = More Sewage. * Toll Brothers take note! *Also found along the canal, an uber trendy Badgley Mischka stretch metal couture belt. I wonder what the story is behind this being left here. Disco Reveler from the Yard perhaps?


Anonymous said...

Wat is really heart breaking is to watch a wild duck hunt around in this stuff looking for food. THey do pick at the used tampons.

Lisanne McT said...

That is tragic. While there is wild life in canal, it is so sad that it is filled with such awful crud.

With the development on 4th Avenue and potential development on the shores of the Gowanus it is such a recipe for disaster. The Toll Brothers say they are going to install their own sewage system but that is not enough. This area just can't handle it.

This area should be a public park without the luxury condo high rises. A STATE PARK!!!! Not a SPONGE PARK aligning with the developers!!! A STATE PARK! This area can not handle more flushing toilets.

This area has a history with the industrial revolution hence the sorry state it's in. And that should be the FOCUS of the state park if it ever might happen. I have been to Lowell Massachusettes and they have such a park .On the shores of this land has been paint factories, oil processing plants etc. It is a serious brown field, at the moment most of the thriving companies on Bond Street have been moved out in anticipation for condos. Meanwhile our schools are over crowded and we don't even have a supermarket in the neighborhood. I guess they will all get Fresh direct.

It confuses me when our elected officials talk about both (park & condos) . I don't think it can be done.

Mike said...

Wow. That is sad. I use to live in Brooklyn in the 1970s. I was very young. A lot of these pictures though do bring back memories. It is nice to see the old neighborhoods.

Your blog is really nice. Would love to have you on my blogroll. If you like to be listed on any of my 18 blogs just email me or leave a comment on one of my blogs.

Have a nice week.

KBBKTproductions said...

o and how do you get videos on your blog site

mindful_perceptions said...

Nice find!! i love the belt!

I think the cozy industrial artist feel of brooklyn is slowly fading..hopefully i'm wrong but with the developing high rises its starting to look more and more like a young teenager conforming to society, giving into peer pressure, changing it's look just to fit in.

We may have Sex in the City to thank for that because it was there they projected to the mass market.."Brooklyn is the new Manhattan"

Sad and may come true.

(x, why?) said...

The fact that you could get close enough to take that picture of the Canal says something.

When I was a kid, you had to take a deep breath and hold your nose before you got anywhere near it. The "water" was brown crud.

Lisanne McT said...

It still doesn't smell that good but it is better than when I moved here 15 years ago!

Cat Weaver said...

That belt is a FIND. Hope to see you wearing it next time we meet up!

riccardino said...

OMG!..You are the bomb! Great Stuff Here!