Found on Court Street

Haven't done one of these in a while...anybody remember when they had live wrestling at the Court Street Fair in front of the Citibank?


Anonymous said...

Yes, I do remember. As do my kids who really enjoyed it even if the entrance was "kind of wack" according to the ten year old. It was quite a draw.


Lisanne McT said...

It was great cheesy entertainment, i think one of the wrestlers was dressed like Captain America!

Angry M.F. Fisher said...

the best is when you can find a stash of old body building magazines which, at least through the '60s, which were coded (to various degrees)... gay magazines as well.

that wresting bit on Court was one of the few times that Citi branch wasn't totally fucking vile, i.e. there was enough high weirdness around you could ignore it...

... if only the grumpy voice of ______ ______ (i forget her name: grumpy lady coffee/sandwich shop owner a block down, ya'll KNOW who i mean) was still around to back us up.

Angry M.F. Fisher
Food Writer
Who Walk In Brooklyn

Anonymous said...

OOOhhhh. I so hated that Citibank but it was the only game in town. They closed my account because I was overdrawn by not even twenty dollars. I opened an account at Chemical on 7th Ave and unlike Citi who practically asked for my blood type, Chemical was so nice and welcoming and couldn't do enough for me. A few months after the Citi incident I got a letter saying there was 103.00 in my account and I could come into the branch to get a check or reopen the account and I needed to contact them because the account had been inactive for several months. When I went to get a check they offered to reopen the account and seemed mystified when I refused. All I wanted was an explanation as to how I went from overdrawn to having over one hundred dollars and they couldn't explain it either.


BR4L said...

sedmi-pro wrestling at St Patrick's Church in Bay Ridge. Next one in October with the Iron Sheik. Last one wasafewmonths ago with Jimmy Snooka.Check it out.