Save Coney Island!

After all my build up I could not make in out in time for the 6pm scoping meeting tonight at Lincoln High regarding the fate of the development of Coney Island. I later watched the NY network news cover the story with (their) laughter and indifference. I guess they are looking foward to buying some Nikes and getting on the Cyclone and THAT's IT! I don't get NY1 so I don't know if they were as obnoxious. The networks must be afraid of pissing off Bloomberg or people really are that plastic. So enjoy some Amos Wrengler, the troubadour of Coney Island, who states the issues simply.

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The Music Director, WWIB said...

Amos makes the Ramones sound like prog rock! See also -->


re: scoping, true story, I was running down Neptune Ave last Sunday morning & three teenagers yelled "Nice ass!"

I looked over my shoulder quickly &, seeing noone else who might qualify, yelled "Thanks!" back at 'em.

It's the way of the streets-- it's my way too.