The last weekend in Red Hook before IKEA opens...take advantage of the loveliness.

As that age old NY catch phrase goes "it's not the HEAT it's the HUMIDITY!" I love summer and this crazy hot weather so I actually got out of the house at a responsible a.m hour this morning on my bike to hit the stoop sales where, I scored BIG TIME! Hot weather is an excellent time to buy leather which I did. I got an early 60's knee length leather coat for ONE DOLLAR!!!! Hell, the buttons on this thing were worth more than that. Anyway none of the sales were hoity toity like this one that I wrote about last summer. ANYWAY I eventually ended up at the Red Hook Waterfront Arts Festival which is still going on today. It will be going on as well tomorrow along with the Carroll Gardens/Red Hook open studios. If you are around, check them out because they're awesome and also this because this area will most likely be a weekend madhouse when IKRAPA opens up. If you bike down to the festival as I did, you can take advantage of free valet bike parking and free ice cold water refills after you fork out a buck for a bottle of water. HAZY HOT & HUMID Baby!!! They've got free kayaking courtesy of Red Hook Boaters! It is significantly cooler by the water and the breeze felt great. There is music (of course) and food and views of the New York Harbor that can't be beat.

Check out this cheap camera video of some barges that look like they are going to smash into each other and some kayakers catching some waves in their wake, that could be you!!!

Where's it at?
Louis J. Valentino Park
Coffey St (at Ferris St)
Red Hook, Brooklyn

and you can pick up a map for the Red Hook Open Studios there as well!


Anonymous said...

urban divers don't run the kayaking in Red Hook program - that's the Red Hook Boaters, see:


Lisanne McT said...

So sorry for the mix up!!!! I have corrected it!