Joseph Heidecker Art in Williamsburg.

Artist and old friend (25 years and going strong!) Joseph Heidecker is in a group show in Williamsburg at the Like The Spice Gallery. The show curated by Dylan Peet is entitled "After it All: Gay Directions in New Art". I went to the opening last Friday and saw a lot of excellent work from all in the show. Do check it out! Joe's art is mostly made from found street objects and findings from garage sales. I understand where this is coming from, I grew up with the artist!

I often credit Joe as my mentor who introduced me to the Salvation Army and Danceteria in the early 80's at a young and tender age. His parties were legendary (probrably because he built a go-go cage in his livingroom and also 'cause his older brothers whom he lived with allowed us young 'uns to listen to the Plasmatics and Black Flag and smash bottles into the fireplace!). My parents were always like "we want to meet this guy Joe you're always staying out too late with!" We still have a lot of fun, although we don't need to break bottles anymore and Joe has gone on from being a cafeteria worker in a community college to a world class artist and illustrator. Click here to view his other work. He also makes fab collages and furniture in which found photos play a huge role. Although many find Joe's work very subversive, which it is indeed, I also see Joe's wonderful sense of humor shining through it all. Go see for yourself!

Like The Spice Gallery is located at 224 Roebling Street near South 2nd in Wiliamsburg. The show is up until July 6th.


Anonymous said...

Great work. But I don't see the curator's need to label it 'gay art.'

MARVERA said...

If you want to see my ilustration in my blog www.sonrisasdelcielo.blogspot.com, i am spanish from Canary island, i like too much the art, congratulations.

Desana said...

Good post.