Bill DeBlasio - Don't Believe the Hype!

I'm sorry I am going to rant a little here, after listening and reading about Bill DeBlasio's Public Advocate speech where he is sounding like such a great man of the people, a man who is there for the community, like a god d@mn Kennedy - I just have to blow off a little steam!

From the Daily News

"(W)e no longer have to make a false choice between a government that serves the people efficiently, or a government that intently listens to them. We can and must have both," De Blasio said.

"My office will be a place where the voice of the people speaks loudly. A place that helps organize communities to play a more meaningful role in our city government. A place that unlocks the mystery of government and refuses to stand by when a New Yorker could have been helped, but wasn't."
"And, in the instances where government fails, my office will be the place that demands accountability and change."

Oh just gag me right now!!!

I just want to remind people that this is the man who was rarely to be seen when his own constituents needed him in Carroll Gardens and the Gowanus. He would rarely show at community board meetings and when he did it was pretty much a drive by. This man actually sided with the smarmy Toll Brothers in the name of 'affordable housing" even though it is barely affordable and the project was going to be build on the shores of the toxic Gowanus with NO cleanup by the city of New York. It took the EPA nominating it as a Superfund site after the special spot-zoning of the Gowanus was granted which gave a go ahead to Toll to build.

This man also has left a legacy in Carroll Gardens by reneging on a promise to change the glitch in zoning laws which would allow developers to build tall buildings on historic narrow Carroll Gardens brownstone streets by factoring in the sidewalks and front yard as street space!

He is also all for the construction of the Atlantic Yards. A project which has forced long time residents to move and relocate, who certainly did not make the income which DeBlasio considers to be one of a low income family, which is....drum roll please..$100,000 a year!!!!

All I can say is, despite him coming on as a saviour to Bloomberg haters, he is not my public advocate and was not much of one as for the 39th district when he was a councilman! Beware of his sneaky ways!

Read details over about DeBlasio "sticking it to Carroll Gardeners on his way out" at Pardon Me For Asking.


Anonymous said...

Bill Da Bee is full 'o crap.

Matthew said...

The first I ever heard of the man years ago I said, oh-oh, look out. Then I moved to his council district and never heard from him again except for some mail emblazoned with his picture. Oh, and his name on a few garbage cans.

The guy worked for the Clintons. Enough said. The ideology of the Clintonites is ambition; politics is all about raising money for election to the next highest office. (And if that means turning the Democratic Party into the socially moderate wing of the ruling Business Party, as Bill Clinton so skillfully did, so be it). Liberals are still being suckered by this cynical scheme.

Anonymous said...

"A place that unlocks the mystery of government"

Working with his City Council office has certainly unlocked mysteries of city government for me! Here was a classic example of government "by the developers and for the money connected"; where the working methods included controlling local discussion and spin on issues by having his staff members impersonate a CB6 member in web discussions.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your well-articulated piece, and the other intelligent comments thereafter. Approximately a year ago I called the office of above offical; I was not impressed -- definitely a phoney, as are all public/private "officials" and their agents on staff these daze. Our so-called "elected" officials, "business" leaders(really "busyness," self-endeavoring at others' expense and loss and tragic sacrifice), are all-in for selves against any positives. I am a person who has engaged in, been involved with, worked on, and contributed to campaigns, all of it a joke in the end -- I am THROUGH. Manipulated markets, self-interest groups, Supreme Court decisions enabling gratuitous eminent domain takeover and further RICO-PAC dystopia indicate official insider reptilian "character." Two sides of the same coin have dievested [sic], consumed, extracted from, and banked-out the corporate middle, destroyed any semblance of a real economy, are currently ruining markets -- while calling on line citizenry to secure the mess they have caused both here and overseas. Some have answered that call for generations. These two sides of the same coin, calling themselves "emotionally" intelligent (of course they are not cerebrally intelligent), have had individuals and families thrown out of homes, imposed parasitic differential arbitrage "trade" stasis and threaten further off-shoring on crude fulcrum, then when trouble brews, come calling upon others to serve and sacrifice while further betraying markets/economy and at the same time bank on the full, faith, and credit of line US citizenry, the very group they have debauched. BTW, our ranks have noticeably thinned -- who you gonna call, ghostbustahs? These officials (busyness, government) take refuge in this stable jurisdiction shouldered by stretched citizenry. They play both ends against the middle, in a priori informed inside short term trades (not investment), short-selling the economy, further burdening stressed citizenry, jumping into the dollar when they get scared which is bank (is a 4 letter word) yet again on US line citizenry full, faith, and credit. Their dollar (on our backs) rises while market/real economy/investment/production/earnings/learning/innovation tank; most of this on monopoly money, on us, at the Fed -0- window -- trillions U$D -- that's a reason they call it "free" market/trade/lunch. Others serve and sacrifice to preserve this negative stasis. Still, they have the hubris to call themselves "talent." This represents hyper-absurdity, even pathology -- especially when considering the record: de facto grotesque debt (-$20 Trillion USD, 11/2008). Hence, by definition, these "titled" officials and agents attached thereto have NO credibility. Duplicitous, deceitful malcontents with their behavioral disorders act out in hyper-negative fashion because artifice is their only refuge in order to maintain some evanescent, nominal mass "Of this Earth" riches survival which they, in reptilian fashion, mistake for real energy and enlightenment. Possible remedies? Certainly turn your back on their fraud and ignore their charade; ie, disengage -- the record of fruitful pursuit in that direction is NOT credible. Look to self and those closer to you; no need to follow discredited stasis, regardless of their high procedural titles -- merely the -$20 Trillion USD 11/2008 debt and discredited canard of subversives -- nominals, nothing substantive or real about them, except what they take, from others who make. Disengage from this dystopia; let the chips fall where they may, and start over.