Open Your Eyes Girl! Stop Shopping...

While "Open Your Eyes" has been fantastically beaming it's message to the masses, the addition of the word "girl' happened over a month ago and then around the corner of the building "stop shopping". It just seemed unfinished. Then after the words "stop shopping!" they added "it's sick!Barf!" It's been like that for a time, I was waiting a while to post this as I wanted no chance of whoever is bombing this building to get any extra attention and get caught. I don't know, while I love the "open your eyes girl" and "stop shopping", the "it's sick!Barf!" part doesn't resonate much power....how about "open your eyes girl! stop shopping! your'e avoiding something!". That ones not too good either, anyone got any ideas?
Also on the Whole Foods "construction" wall that is totally falling down ( I saw a boy of about 12 wandering around in there alone),someone, either the artist or a fan, has put up laminated photographs documenting the phases and stages of the building. Should you be interested that's on 3rd Street between 3rd Avenue and Bond. See F.I.B's past images of this building here and here.

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Matthew said...

The Broadsheet producer on Union btween 4th/5th Avenue has it right: "the best things in life aren't things."