Tabla Rasa Gallery Hosts Fundraiser for Haitian Relief On Saturday Afternoon.

I have mentioned the Tabla Rasa Gallery back in December when they put up their About Face show. The show will be hanging for the last day during this fundraiser. Try and take the time on Saturday afternoon (1pm to 5pm) to checkout some great art and perhaps purchase something for a good cause. For 75 dollars you can select an original piece of art and your 100% donation will be used for Haiitian Relief.

From the gallery’s press release:

To Our Friends and Fellow Artists,

Tabla Rasa Gallery will be hosting a fundraiser for Haitian disaster relief.  I am sure I am addressing a community that like Joseph and I, feel helpless beyond words.  So many in Haiti are barely surviving without medical care, food, water, shelter as they desperately seek loved ones, or mourn their innumerable losses.

The generous artists of our area are donating artwork to the following event and the back room presentation space will be used to hang the work in a display which will be constantly "turning over" as donations are made and new art replaces work being taken.

Anyone writing a check of $75.00 DIRECTLY to one of the designated charities* below can select an artwork 11" x 14" or smaller. Anyone donating $150.00 can select from these or a larger works. In this way, 100% of the donations will go to the charities.  Any and all contributions are welcome.

A special thank you to the artists are donating their fabulous work to benefit this desperate situation.

Please take the time to enjoy the collection they have so generously donated, read about their artwork, browse their websites, support them after the auction, and spread the word about their art.  Unlike most vendors, they are only able to claim the cost of materials they use. 

There will be contact information labeled on the back of each work, and we encourage donors to contact the artists directly.

We will be collecting checks made out directly to the following charities:






Tabla Rasa Gallery is free and open to the public.

I look forward to seeing you next Saturday.  And by all means, spread the word to any and all who wish to contribute to Haitian disaster relief.


PS: Tabla Rasa appreciates any assistance from volunteers to help with various tasks.

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