Out With the Old - In With the New!

Completely unrelated photo of balloons in winter trees on Union Street.

As the New Year has me clearing lots of crap out of my apartment that I don't need and organizing what I do need. It also has me weeding through my blog list or what I call "blogorama" where I have eliminated many blogs which have been dormant for some time. My criteria for elimination? If there has been no blog post for 6 months, you get the ax. I am relentless that way!

A blog that has publicly called it quits right before the New Year is the fab Bed Stuy Banana. I will certainly miss the content and wonderful photographs on this blog. And what I really liked about this blog was that it was a human, warts and all type of blog and I love that. Check it out if you haven't already, with 502 posts there is plenty to sink your eyeballs into.

So as I was saying before, out with the old and in with the new......

There is a new Carroll Gardens area blog called guess what? The Carroll Gardens Diaries. This is how they describe themselves:

"From Charles Carroll's post to posts on the EPA, we cover all aspects of Carroll Gardens news, history, politics and fun facts. Original photographs are courtesy of Max Flatow. We are doing a continuing series on iconic local businesses."

Iconic businesses? Check out C.G.D's interview with the Caputo's of Caputo's bakery on Court Street here.

I'm not big on lists but if I were name my favorite new blog of 2009, the prize would have to go to Brokelyn. You can have your fancy schmancy lifestyle/fashion/design blogs! Just gimme Brokelyn ! Cause it's real baby! And by the way-they are having an "Ugliest building in Brooklyn" photography contest right now. Genius! There is sure to be some stiff competition.

Now,with that being said, I must to get back to categorizing my sock drawer....


Unknown said...

Thanks for the props! Making your list made our day
-Faye (from Brokelyn)

Plow to Plate said...

Thanks for the links to Bed Stuy Banana and The Carroll Gardens Diaries. Both interesting. I already love Brokelyn.