Freddy's Bar Responds to the ESDC's Threat of Physical Force on Patrons by Toasting George Will this Sunday at 2pm!

*ESDC stands for Empire State Development Corporation.

Bruce Ratner is already forcing a homeless shelter that houses 88 families out because the owner does not want to sell his building. They have to be out by January 15th so he can store his construction vehicles at that site, even though he has no plans to build for a few years. Click here to read the story and see how you can help.


Freddy's Bar is retaliating by attempting to start a boycott of Barclays Bank starting on Sunday. The staff and the patrons of Freddy's even got The Washington Post's attention! George Will wrote an angry column comparing the loss of a Brooklyn neighborhood liberties to the Battle of Brooklyn during the revolutionary war. Like the revolutionary war, Freddy's has declared a war on the British. No not the whole country silly! Just the British owned Barclay's Bank who is involved in this boondoggle. Click here for all the details and links you need.

Here is an excerpt from the extremely detailed press release sent to me by Eminent Domain Revolt:

"Eminent Domain Revolt has been declared in our neighborhood and we are overthrowing the rule of the Real Estate Royalty who keep outdated laws on the books and use the government to do their bidding. We are up against a real estate company that is the second biggest political donor and lobbyist spending force in the state. The law must be changed. Period."

Please come to Freddy's on Sunday at 2pm to toast George Will and drink in solidarity with Eminent Domain Revolt! Handcuffs will be on hand should a situation arises where handcuffing to the chain of justice is in order.

Click here for the details and please pass the word on!

When: Sunday, January 10, 2pm.

Where: Freddy’s Bar & Backroom
485 Dean Street (corner of 6Th Ave), Brooklyn, NY

P.S- The champagne toast is on the house.

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Hollyn & Paige said...

Oh my. This sounds so so so awesome. HANDCUFFS? BEER?
See ya.