Freddy's "Toast to George Will" Recap *and* F.I.B's 600th Post!

F.I.B attended the toast to George Will at Freddy's Sunday afternoon. Patron turnout was high in support for the boycott on Barclay's Bank and the belief that Bruce Ratner may end up behind bars for his involvement in a development project in Yonkers where bribery played a role. Click here to read coverage on that in the New York Observer.

Go to Eminent Domain Revolt to see lots of video coverage Sunday's event at Freddy's.

Also! Bar Manager Donald O'Finn and film maker Steve DeSeve will appear on Fox TV tomorrow morning (Monday)to let the world know about this land grab(amongst others) that should be made illegal. The duo will appear on Fox & Friends between 7 and 10 am. Strange times when a conservative writer such as George Will and a conservative television station such as Fox are taking an interest in our fair borough. (and why shouldn't they?)

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Anonymous said...

Love Daniel's gutzpah. Such a clear speaker, and very brave. A true inspiration.
Maybe that corruption scandal is just what we need to help stave off Ratner!