*Ratner to Evict Homeless on MLK Day (for a parking lot!)*Crystal Waters (She's Homeless) Performs at Freddy's this Saturday at 2pm* Please Come!

Remember this song? "She's homeless (la da di la di la"")or the proper name "Gypsy Woman"?

From City Councilmember Letitia James:

"I don't know which is colder, Brooklyn in January, or what the Barclays Center/Atlantic Yards project and the City and State of New York are doing to the homeless families on January 15. Keep this shelter open till it's warm out."

"The Barclays Center is having the city close the shelter, and having the state take it by eminent domain in the dead of winter, and on Martin Luther King's Birthday. This is wrong and unnecessary. Nothing will be built in place of the homeless shelter for decades…if ever. Replacing beds for our city’s most vulnerable -- with a parking lot-- is simply unconscionable,”

Yes it is unconscionable...

The Pacific Dean shelter has beds for 88 families ranging from couples to families with small children. It is scheduled to be shut down by the City of New York, and condemned by Eminent Domain by New York State at the request of Barclays Bank's Barclays Center basketball arena and its developer Bruce Ratner on January 15. Since Barclays is in England, and has no branches in New York, she is asking Barclays to have a heart and ask the City and State of New York to keep the shelter open, at least until spring so families that become homeless in New York's cold winter will have an indoor place to sleep. We need to think of all the homeless, and especially the kids out there in the cold this year.

Crystal Waters will perform her song, Gypsy Woman (She's homeless), with local homeless people to raise awareness of what the Barclays Center is doing, and to encourage the bank to ask the City and State to keep the shelter open till Spring, when the weather warms up.

Read more about the shelter here.

The press conference and performance will be at Freddy's Bar, this Saturday at 2pm.

Freddy's Bar is located at the corner of 6th Avenue and Dean Streets, Prospect Heights, Brooklyn.

Please come and show your support.

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