Fightin' Freddy's CALL-A-THON to Indict Bruce Ratner * Today Only until 5pm.

I received an urgent press release from the Fightin' Freddys this morning regarding how a call to Attorney General Cuomo's office might help their cause to get Bruce Ratner "indicted by this Friday, Jan 29, or he will walk into the eminent domain hearing with a clean slate. And that will influence the proceedings."

"Your call will help provide the right pressure at the right time to give Judge Gerges a reason NOT to rubberstamp the state's eminent domain grab in his court tomorrow, Friday the 29th.

Call the Attorney General's Office at 212 416-8750 Office of Criminal Prosecution. Calls should be done today by 5pm.

Click here for the full on press release with cheat sheets on what should be said.

Coverage of yesterday's attempt to arrest Bruce Ratner in here.

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