D.I.Y Publishing: Zines and Comics

FIB's own d.i.y fanzine from the 80's. Some things never change.

Back in December, William Wrigley and I made a documentary called "D.I.Y Publishing: Zines and Comics". It was a project for a class called "Visual Culture" at Brooklyn College (F.I.B starts the final leg of the Art Ed. graduate program there on Monday!) Basically we had to select a "sub-culture" and document it. F.I.B used be very much into zines during her punk rock youth and had one of her own called Rat Report. I suppose that's why blogging was a natural transition. And wouldn't you know it, we discuss the differences between zine culture and blogging when we visit the zine library at ABC No Rio on the lower east side! We also visited the King Con Comic Convention at the Brooklyn Lyceum and the House of 12 Comic Jam in Manhattan. It was a great experience and this film just scratchs the surface on the world of independent publishing.
Anyway it is just under 20 minutes long and we had to show it in two parts as youtube has time constraints. Enjoy!

If you can stand anymore here is part two.

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