Coney Island Tattoo & Motorcycle Show Sunday , Sept. 23rd @ 3 pm.........

Just because Astroland is closed doesn't mean nothing is going on out at Coney! Once upon a time tattooing in New York City was illegal, you had to "know someone" and it was usually tattooist Spider Webb or Jonathan Shaw. Otherwise you had to go to Jersey or Long Island. Anyway, it was during that time, 1986 to be exact, the first "Coney Island Tattoo & Motorcycle Festival" was held.

It's now in it's 22nd year and just for the record, Hot Rods are included too! There will be all kinds of judging. Judging of motorcycles (ugliest is a category), hot rods and tattoos. If you pay 5 bucks to enter the tattoo contest you get free beer.

It starts at the civilized hour of 3pm and goes till late.
12th Street & Surf Avenue is where this takes place.

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