"New York Calling" Reading * Wednesday * Luc Sante, Brian Berger, Marshal Berman

Fellow Blogster Brian Berger of the infamous Who Walk in Brooklyn Blog has edited a book of essays called "New York Calling: From Blackout to Bloomberg" along with Marshall Berman about our towns' five boroughs. The book takes us back to New York City during what I like to call the "B.L.C(Before Luxury Condo) Age"; spanning from the 1960's to the early 2000's. Reflective essays written by the likes of Luc Sante, Kevin Walsh, Brian Berger, Tom Robbins, Armond White, Margaret Morton and C.J Sullivan, to name but a few! The personal accounts range from the enraging to the hilarious to the heartbreaking but all capture a piece of a cityscape that has vanished or will soon. Great photos too.

September 26 at 7 pm
Barnes & Noble Chelsea
6th Ave & 22nd St
Marshall Berman, Luc Sante, Robert Sietsema & Brian Berger

Here is the rest of the "Tour de New York"

October 4-- Book Court, downtown Brooklyn, with Tim McLoughlin
October 13-- Vox Pop, Ditmas Park (Flatbush),Brooklyn, with Tom Robbins
October 19-- Bluestockings bookstore, downtown Manhattan, with Tom Robbins & Margaret Morton
October 25‹ Spoonbill & Sugartown, Williamsburg, with Luc Sante & Tim McLoughlin
November 1-- Baychester Bronx Barnes & Noble, with CJ Sullivan, Robert Sietsma
November 6-- Gotham History Center (panel)-- with John Strausbaugh, Tom Robbins
November 13-- Lower East Side Tenement Museum (panel)-- with Phil Dray & Len Levitt
November 28‹ Fresh Meadows, Queens B&N‹ with Kevin Walsh & Robert Sietsema

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