Fancy Mag Party w/ The Hecklers * Saturday

If you haven't noticed by now, F.I.B. loves her garage rock music. Take away my garage rock and I'm jumping off the Third Street Bridge in my go-go boots. You kids can keep your experimental, synthesized, retro 80's, beard rock music. Three chords still do me fine, especially if the lyrics are frustrated and snotty. I'm simple that way.

I just got wind that Fancy Mag is having a swinging party down at the Bait & Tackle in Red Hook on Saturday night. The Hecklers are playing and they are promising to show lots of amazing video clips. It's called a "Clip" party for that reason. Continue reading. Oh before you continue reading, read their mag. They cover music, fashion, art and all matter of pop culture and just in time for fashion week; a fascinating study of "Plumbers butt throughout the Ages" entitled "Exposed:The New Crack Epidemic" is featured in the current issue. O.K NOW you can continue reading, here's the dope...from the folks at Fancy.

Another Fancy Clip Party!

clip: v ('klip) to cut or cut off with or as if with shears

party: n ('pär-tE) a social gathering

Clip Party: n ('klip 'pär-tAY) a social gathering involving the consumption of alcoholic beverages while watching rare music videos, wacky movie trailers, short films and other pop culture tidbits (okay, non-drunks welcome too).

Where: Bait & Tackle Bar - 320 Van Brunt @ Pioneer St. Radical Red Hook, Brooklyn
When: Saturday night * September 22nd @ 9pm
Price: It's free baby it's freeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

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