Heavy Trash & The Art Parade

I had a very full day last Saturday. I went to the Howl Festival early in the afternoon to check out the band Heavy Trash who were totally fab. If you like the Cramps, Rockabilly and The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion you will love this band. Personally I have always been a fan of Matt Verda- Rey's haunting guitar sound (and I am wondering if he is taken because I think want to marry him!) so I especially dug this band. Matt was in Speedball Baby prior to this. Simon from the popular 1990's NYC band Simon & the Bar Sinisters played stand up bass at this show so it was sort of like a NYC super group. Oh yeah and Jon Spencer is the lead singer.This show was free but I would willingly pay to see them again, and that says a lot 'cause I'm cheap!

Then I cut over to "The Art Parade" on West Broadway. This parade starts on time and is only about 30 minutes long tops so most of my friends missed it. Here are some of my pictures you guys!!!
These girls had their hair tied together, very Henry Dargeresque....I want one!!!!
I don't know what the message is here but it looked cool!Cute political statement....These were very well done, totally homemade but doesn't look like it!Some serious shoes. This guy could barely walk!
Well they said she was trash!


vasa said...

good photos, the parade was on Sunday 9/9/07?

Lisanne said...

Thank you and yes it ws last Saturday...check it out next year, it's a lot of fun...