Moratorium and Downzoning News

I received an email from the people at C.O.R.D (Carroll Gardens Organization to Respectfully Develop) asking for volunteers to help get more signatures on the petition. This petition calls for an " immediate MORATORIUM! on all buildings and alterations in our neighborhood, where the ultimate height of any structure to be built will exceed a height of fifty feet, while we await a decision on rezoning and or landmarking in our beloved Carroll Gardens."

The Town Hall meeting with Bill DeBlasio has put C.O.R.D into high gear to get the word out. If you use the Carroll Street subway station you can not miss the word MORATORIUM! written in yellow chalk on the ground and on the ever expanding wall of news and commentary.

I attended that Town Hall Meeting and let me tell you, the people of Carroll Gardens made me proud to live here, they expressed their concerns intelligently and passionately and are not accepting what the powers that be say, check out the C.O.R.D Blog for all the latest news and details.

My only beef is that "downzoning" is part of the solution which effects MY little world down by the canal, where the soil is full of toxic chemicals (cyanide, mercury, benzene, pesticides, V.O.C's & PCB's) and the sewage system can barely handle the residents who are here already. As I have said before, if the future Whole Food's site still sits unbuilt upon for four years, waiting for cleanup, how much different is the soil a block and half away? I heard through the grapevine that clean up will be "minimal".

Ariella Cohen has written a very informative article in this week's Brooklyn Paper summarizing just exactly what is being built, where it's being built,by whom and what the current status of the project is. PLEASE READ THIS !

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