Last Day at Astroland for the season or forever?

It was a strangely calm and eerily quiet afternoon at Coney Island considering it may be the last day of Astroland as we now know it. I got there about a half hour after the “Save Astroland” rally was supposed to start. It seemed that there was more press than participants and the press seemed disappointed. I was disappointed too. I say a “may be the last day of Astroland” as when I chit chatted with people who worked there, no one seemed to know what the future holds. They all seemed tired. Tired from working a busier than usual summer or quite possibly tired of hearing about “Coney’s Last Summer”.I happened to catch “The Zipper” ride dismantled and loaded on a truck leaving Astroland with no fanfare. Couldn’t they have waited until tomorrow?! Then again, Sitt decided to start demolition right before the season started so why should I be surprised? F.Y.I - I was almost knocked over by a well-known blogger who came outta nowhere when this occurred!There goes "The Zipper" down Surf Avenue on the beginning of it's journey to it's new home in Honduras.

Some "last day of Coney as we now know it" photos, try not to get too depressed....This beautiful building will be demolished.Everything must go because this vendor will not be back next summer.Shuttered Jones Walk.Cruising the fairly empty boardwalk.Remember the Eldorado? You better because it will probrably be ripped down!Is this what the whole park will look like next summer?

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