Coney Island Fireworks * Rally on Sunday

We all know by now that this is possibly the last weekend at Coney Island in which "Astroland" is still standing. Next summer it may be a depressing, bleak construction zone. There is a glimmer of hope however, many of Joe Sitt's, Thor Equities pals are jumping ship at the 11th hour!!!! Think good thoughts people! Maybe this WON'T go through..but just to make sure, go to Coney Island at some point this weekend to add some positive energy to this fiasco.

A reminder that the fireworks are happening at 10pm tonight, the last one of the summer but don't forget that there is a rally to "Save Astroland" at noon on Sunday, I advise you to go even if you are hungover.

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Anonymous said...

hey, a cpl WWIB reporters were there ... but ended up watching the fireworks from Avenue U where it crosses over the N. we might have (shitty) pix to prove (fuckin' amateurs).