Coney Island Film Festival #7 this Weekend!

Yet another uber creative Coney Island event. Can someone please remind me just WHY this place is supposed to turn into a cross between Disney and Knott's Berry Farm? Oh yeah I forgot, greed. Please forgive me.

The Coney Island Film Festival starts Friday night with a film called "American Scary" which takes a look at the nation's tradition of horror hosting, from Zacherley to A. Ghastlee Ghoul. The film is immediately followed by an opening party hosted by The Great Fredini. Live performances by New York Burlesque Stars and performers from The Coney Island Circus Sideshow. Open Bar!

The Festival runs Friday, Saturday and Sunday and will be running short films as well as feature length films. Here is the full schedule of events.

Get your tickets soon as I noticed that the documentary on the N.Y Mets:"Mathematically Alive: A Story of Fandom" is already sold out!

The festival ends Sunday night with an Awards Presentation at The El Dorado Bumper Cars, 1216 Surf Ave @ 7:30pm.

7th Annual Coney Island Film Festival
September 28-30, 2007
Sideshows By The Seashore and The Coney Island Museum in the historic Brooklyn neighborhood Coney Island, New York!

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venavirago said...

If you're into Nick Zedd, Richard Kern, Joe Coleman, Lydia Lunch etc ... and the Cinema of Transgression (L.E.S late 70's/early 80's) Check out the documentary LLIK YOUR IDOLS.

See the schedule for details.