Raw Sewage on the Gowanus Today!

Welcome Future 3rd & Bond Condo Dwellers and Whole Food Shoppers! This is what the rain brings on the picturesque Gowanus Canal!! Enjoy the sight of a big hulking chunk of raw sewage! I was privileged to see it (and smell it) as I crossed the 3rd Street Bridge today!

P.S- The Whole Food site has been untouched for weeks, there is now a lake in the middle of the site. Keep dreaming Baby J condo people, it will be years before the Whole Foods site is cleaned up and built, you should really take that perk out of your ad campaign!


Anonymous said...

ding!! & welcome to Mayor Bloomberg's green New York-- too bad the green is $$$, & all the propaganda (lies) that can buy... esp. in regards to Whole Foods &/or the impact of Ratnerville on the Gowanus.

with SO MUCH stuff going up on 4th Avenue, yeah, something might happen someday & if done well, it probably should but the gap between truth & reality (or "real estate") is pretty huge.

the irony, of course, is we KNEW all this, mostly, & accepted it because... what the hell, the price was right & we've all gotta die of something.

to pay "luxury" (cough) prices for the pleasure is something else again.


Katia said...

Yes, I was wondering if this Whole Food thing is actually going to happen. It has been a really long time and the site still sits there untouched.
The picture of the Gowanus Canal is incredible. It is almost criminal to talk about development along its shores..

Lisanne said...

Yeah Whole Foods has removed tons of contaminated soil but it's still is got a long way to go....scary stuff...and as far as the sewage in the canal, you are right, it IS criminal! the picture barely conveys what it really looked like. And with all the new buildings from the Atlantic Yards, 4th Avenue and around the Gowanus being built it's just gonna get worse.

Katia said...

The Motto here in New York seems to be: build first, ask questions later. Ad stick the condo owner and renter with the (health) problems

Anonymous said...

What is even more criminal is that our local pols and others (you know who they are) want to build affordable housing along the canal. To me this is even worse as the targeted residents lack choice. If hipster trustafarians want to plunk down close to a million to live on the canal that is one thing but to foist it on those who don't have a lot of options is reprehensible.

Joyce Hanson said...

Lisanne, you rock! P.S. "Luxury" housing prices are taking a big hit in the current subprime mortgage crisis. Just yesterday, the Associated Press reported that national homebuilder Hovnanian Enterprises is frantically holding a fire sale on its unbought "luxury" properties:
"NEWARK, Sept. 13 (AP) — Hovnanian Enterprises Inc., struggling like other home builders, is offering six-figure discounts on some of its properties this weekend as it tries to draw interest in a slumping market.

"The sales blitz involves dropping prices by more than 20 percent on some of its prime real estate.

"The discounted properties include a three-bedroom condominium by the Hudson River in West New York, which has been reduced $240,000, or 22 percent, to $862,000 this weekend. A 25 percent discount is being offered on a two-bedroom home in Jackson Township, N.J., which lowers its price tag to $300,501."

Lisanne said...

Yeah but THAT'S in Newark!!!!!

Don't think that will happen here and the point is that the developers in Brooklyn are not thinking about the enviromental factors of where they are building...just look at Greenpoint where they have literally built on top of oil fields!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wetlands restoration has to be the main part of the answer to what to do about the Gowanus.
More building, especially buildings like the one Whole Foods has designed for the 4th basin wetlands area can only make the present problems worse.
Building into the wetlands and draining more waste into these waters isn't going to get to any kind of cleanup.
And yet there are those out there that keep telling us that the only way the Gowanus will be cleaned up is to let the developers IN.
Those that make this equation must be consulting the Bush war withdraw planners for their logic.