Carroll Gardens Meeting Recap Part 2

Here is a very informative post about what is going on in the Gowanus and with the Carroll Gardens Neighborhood Association, an excellent well researched piece (and it's written by a woman! BIG wink!) Read on...........
Pardon Me For Asking


JustCurious said...

Yes, women have brain cells. Who knew?
Sorry I missed you at the meeting. We have to meet one of these days to exchange info and ideas.

wwib said...

i have too much anger to comment properly on the subject but... the link's comment about things are different here reminded me of... All Pets Go To Heaven... another neighborhood loss & what's a neighborhood w/o an animal funeral home? not too much, i'm afraid, or least not nearly as groovy as it was.


p/s: no no, a hurricane will NEVER, ever hit south brooklyn or the southern shore of long island.

Lisanne McT said...

I always wanted to be a fly on the wall (not in a coffin!) in that place. It lasted longer than i ever thought it would. RIP.