Two Carroll Gardens area meetings on the same night

People are pissed off in Carroll Gardens. The Carroll Gardens Neighborhood Association is having a meeting Monday night at Scotto's Funeral home on 1rst Place and Court Street AND new local group "Friends of Bond" are meeting on the same night at Proteus Gowanus on the other side of the canal.The meeting at Scotto's is sure to be a scene as the possibilty of a building built by Scarano Architects at the Carroll Street train station is the hot issue of the day. Which one to go to? A tough one. My decision is being made only by the fact that I can't make it to the F.O.B one by 6pm. The meeting at Scotto's starts at 7:30. If you are ambitious and have the time you can go to both! ( I really wish that neither was necessary or happening and I was writing about the great dress I found in the garbage or deciding which band to see but that ain't happening these days...) Read below the email I received regarding what is on "Friends of Bonds" agenda for Monday night.

Come to our next meeting this coming Monday.
Monday, June 11
Proteus Gowanus
543 Union Street @ Nevins Street gate.

Agenda to include:
Upcoming meeting with deBlasio office
Upcoming meeting with City Planning
Enlarging our mailing list
General updates

If you live in or around Bond Street
Pass the word
Bring a friend.


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