Surreal experience on Hoyt Street. Surreal band on Sunday.

OK so I kind of had a bad day today. Lots of personal stuff had me feeling down. Work. Relationships. You name it. It all sucked. So, I take the train home and can't help but notice one of my all time idols of all time, Jim Jarmusch is on the F train, so I play it cool and as the true NYer that I am... ignore him. Through the years I've seen him in bars, at art openings, seeing bands....but, but, (this is a few minutes later) NEVER on Hoyt Street asking me for directions! O.K I'm a star struck girl here, he was looking like JIM JARMUSCH, silver pompadour, baby face & cool 40's shirt...made my day or shall I say my night. He was on his way to that place (Issue Project Room) with the silo on Carroll St. by the canal which as of Sunday will be called "The Yard".

So on Sunday at "The Yard" (formerly "Issue Project Room")a band all the way from France is playing called Babylon Circus along with Wax Poetic.

The Yard is located at 400 Carroll Street between the canal and Bond St.
Gates open at 3pm.

This is what the people at the Yard have to say about what is upcoming:

I wanted to let you know about a new venue we're opening July 1 on the Gowanus. We're calling it the yard, its a beautiful outdoor space on the water where we've planned a film andconcert series series. There is also a silo on the property in which we're curating small music & art shows. The land is destined to become condos in a few years, but before that happens we'd like to make the most of it to create a new music and art destination in the neighborhood.

It all sound great except that bit about "the land is destined to become condos..."

Check it out before it gets plowed down.


who walk in brooklyn said...

don't let the fuckers get you down, fib--


(have you seen the lesser Kurismaki doc. about Sam Fuller documentary, "Tigrero," w/JJ along for the boat ride?)

Lisanne McT said...

Thanks that clip is IT!!
Forrest Whitaker is the man.