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I'm just musing here...has anybody noticed that almost the entire block on Bond Street between 2nd & 3rd Streets is for sale all of a sudden? Both sides of the street! I know that the corner building (Bond & 2nd) was architecturally unsound, friends of mine were forced to move out of that building for that reason about 10 years ago. The floors were completely slanted. It was sinking. They said that the building was in danger of collapsing. Then it looked like they put some sort of support beams in and new people moved in. I guess who ever owns those building's knows that it probrably the right time to cash out on them as I heard that "luxury brownstone" style buildings will be built on that vacant corner. Question, why are all condos "luxury", is it mandatory that those two words go together? What makes them so "luxurious"? Do they have saunas, hot tubs, maids, nanny's,elaborate security systems what?! Those luxury condos or whatever are going to be right smack in the middle of traffic going to and from the new Whole Foods. Bond Street is going to become very busy once that is built. That is if they ever clean up the toxic waste dump that it is going to be sitting on!


who walk in brooklyn said...

this is all too depressing to really get into now but... yeah, i've noticed.

HOWEVER-- however-- what Whole Foods? it may happen, it may not but... they. are. not. doing. SHIT! there. repeat: nothing. (small solace for now but all obstacles to those imperialist creeps make me happy; if friends of mine from Austin knew what they'd turn into, NONE of us would ever have shopped there.)

they can lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie and lie some more & i don't doubt anyone who has to be bought off will be but for the moment-- the last few months ++, the site is at a total standstill.

i'm still waiting for someone to tell us about the hinky shit that went down when the city kicked out Red Hook Crushers.

Q1: do you remmeber Orrin Star?

Q2: did you see the warehouse fire at 3rd & Bond when it happened?

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Lisanne McT said...

Yeah Whole Foods is a joke but it will rise eventually....Orrin Starr,no. But there used to be a rehearsal studio in the 90's in abuilding on BOnd and 1rst. There were many fly by night businesses on Bond & 1rst. My favorite was the bakery where I could actually get coffee and pancakes! Perks are very few down here and that was great...U aactually designed their takeout menue for them,,,then that same spot turned into a karate studio and they would hang out after class and drink 40's, there were knives hanging on the walls...so long ago, now it is pretty boring! But don't want the condos to shake things up that;s for sure...

wwib said...

Orrin was a weirdo/good buy banjo, gtr & mandolin player/teacher who had a studio at 3rd & Bond. if you saw folks carrying instruments up & down 3rd in the 1990s & early 00s, that was why. You'd see him at Frank's sometimes or later Fall Cafe (lousy coffee tho' they inspired me to make my own once i became addicted). i dunno who owns that building-- maybe you do-- but they jacked the rent hoping for big $$$ & Orrin said fuck it, split the city altogether. meanwhile, what's gone on in there in the last 3-4 years?

i'm still working on this but i just met an old-timer, late 70s, who used to have an after-hours joint at... 1st & Bond. details soon, i hope!

JustCurious said...

What makes condos luxury condos? Because the realtors say so! I myself think it must be the marble used on the countertops. It sure can't be the facade of the building or the paper thin sheetrock walls or the size of the rooms. Yes, it must be the marble...