Sign the Carroll Gardens Petition Now!

As I said before, people in Carroll Gardens are pissed off! If you take the subway from the Carroll St. station you should know what I am talking about. The threat of large buildings in the historic brownstone area are looming and residents are making sure their voices are heard via this petition. Also, read more on the story on The Gowanus Lounge and also at the new blog that the neighborhood group has started that focuses on this hot issue.


wwib said...

i try not to be too sentimental about these things-- esp. when RAGE!!! is so much better, hah-- but it's heartening to see Scarano getting even a fraction of the hell he gives.

the goddamn MTA shouldn't be let off any hooks either here, however, as the plaza at 2nd St is one of the true glories of the entire subway system. that such a PLEASANT public space could be destroyed after all this time is more horrifying to me than the height issue per se...

which is nauseating to be sure but so are a lot of other things in the 'hood where local owners are to blame. (see some of the smaller but still ridiculous rooftop additions, not just the Scarano nightmare on Carroll between Hoyt & Bond.)


Rodrigo said...
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