I'm confused-Is there a Toll ahead?

Last week I read on the Gowanus Lounge that someone put a sign "Toll Ahead" on the corner of 1rst Street and Bond Street, when I walked by it the same night I noticed that someone had hastily spray painted it with rustoleum. I figured the person who put up was a graphic designer type into subtle double ententres and the person who sprayed it out was working for Toll or or one of the other developers around these days. Tonight I was riding back from the park (which was really lush and luuuvvly this evening) and I took a turn down the alley. Well, they don't like "art" either.
They sprayed out the face on this piece by Teo.and sprayed out some of this one too. (Who is this artist? I know it's not Swoon, right, it's like her in scale, in body but not color and the nose & flower ain't her, but I could be wrong) The funny thing was when I was snapping a picture of the sign, one of those well heeled Smith St. type couples (that I love so well, I like to call them "Biff & Muffy")strolled by walking a dog , the boyfriend/husband said very sarcastically "artists".
Maybe HE did it!


Anonymous said...

the other one is done by "Elbow Toe".

Anonymous said...

nice name.