Gibby Haynes & Joe Wenderoth at Issue Project Room July 3rd @ 8pm.

I seem to be doing nothing but event announcements here...whatever happened to stuff I find on the street?! I actually found a working air conditioner today, so there!

Anyway. Todays announcement is for a POETRY reading. My roomie from last summer, Ben, knows poet Joe Wenderoth from Minnesota, he is best known for his book of poems called "Letters to Wendy's". Gibby Haynes is somewhat of a renaissance man who is probrably best known for being in the Butthole Surfers. He has collaborated with many including John Paul Jones from Led Zeppelin and Johnny Depp, to name only the biggest two. I remember seeing "The Butthole Surfers" at Danceteria back in thee olden days, an acid trip that you didn't need to take acid to experience, intense is too mild a word, that was in his clothespins on the nipples period, two insane drummers,fire,showering the audience with little printed cockroaches ...anyway I digress, I imagine Tuesday night will be a bit calmer. Here is the blurb my friend Ben sent me via Joe Wenderoth long distance:

Gibby Haynes (butthole surfers dude) and I will be doing a collaborative performance in the issue project room series in Brooklyn on july 3rd at 8pm. If you know any folks who might be interested and in that area, please let them know. I took this on sort of late and would appreciate help in alerting anyone who might want a go.

Issue Project Room is now located at "The Old American Can Factory" at Third Avenue and 3rd Street.

Reading starts at 8pm.
10 bucks.

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Catherine Weaver said...

Is that a Lisanne McT painting at the head of this entry? Nice.