Pizza Profiteering?

Once again, Ariella Cohen of the Brooklyn Paper has her finger on the pulse of what is an important neighborhood issue. Pizza! She has written a breaking story about the possiblity of Sal's Pizza on Court Street raising it's slice price to $3.00! Myself, I am loyal to Giardini's on Smith and 2nd Street where you get a slice that will sustain you for $2.00. Sal's? I like the thin crust but I have always found the size to be more of a "snack slice" you need two slices to fill you. $3.00 is a bit much, with a soda you are in almost 5 bucks. Read here for more on this controversy!


WWIB said...

well... 6 or 7 years ago i came across a group of local teens on Sackett Street, none of whom i bet were pushed in a SUV-stroller as kids, & they were yelling at one of those little Sal's golf carts "Sal's fucking sucks!" even tho' they get credit for being open late, i laughed because i agreed. i hate to say it but some institutions... ain't that had. i still heart the OLD House of Pizza, however.

FIB, do you know the story about "Grande Cheese"? while some places do OK w/that eh-at-best chest... the reason so many places use it is pretty funny.

i used to play chess w/Nino a lot, Jerry used to have l-o-n-g hair & uh... well, let's say there are at least 10-20-30 other Brooklyn pizza places i go first these days, sorry guys.

wwib w/half anchoive

David K. said...

I like Giardini's as well, but was a fan of Sal's. But screw paying $3 for a %$^#*&@$ slice!!!!! Damn. Now I'm hungry!

Lisanne McT said...

Grande cheese?

JustCurious said...

$3 for a slice is plain greedy. And what is up with Sal's next door extention restaurant Mama Mia? That place is always empty. No wonder he need to charge so much for a lousy slice.
Yes, Giardini gets my vote. The guys in there are super nice.

Lisanne McT said...

You are right about Mama Mia's..I think it's empty because, guess what? They charge too much (at least for me)so yeah that may be a reason he wants to up the slice price..I hate that Leonardo's is a Dunkin'Donuts, they were the best!