Like Bo Diddley? GO to Don Pedro's tonite!

I have been hearing great things about Don Pedro's Bar in "east" williamsburg, it has been becoming a popular garage/punk venue as of late, it's very close to Crypt Records. The usual cast of music aficionados will be spinning. Here's the deal: Top DJ's spin Bo Diddley records, cover versions of Bo Diddley records and anything with the Bo beat (with the exception of "Faith" by George Michaels)!
Record Slinger Line Up:
Billy Miller and Miriam Linna(Norton Records)
Tim Warren(Crypt Records)
Todd-o-Phonic(Telstar Records)
Dave The Spazz(WFMU- Music To Spazz By)
Rex Doane(WFMU- Fool's Paradise)
Andy Maltz(Little Killers/ Underthings)
Bazooka Joe aka Joe Diddley(The Thing With Two Heads)

Honoring Bo Diddley all night long!

Don Pedro's is at 90 Manhattan Ave @ McKibbin.



who walk in brooklyn said...

ah, fuck-a-duck. i remember seeing the note on this on the, uh... garage punk forums, & meant to go... yesterday was a blur of whatever (mostly buying luxury goods for my new luxury condo: 10,000 thread count sheets, dude! i even got 'em monogrammed TB for Toll Bros) but even the upwardly mobile (whooooosh!!) STILL GOTTA ROCK. i woulda walked 47 miles of barbed wire if i could only have remembered.

one luxury good i used to have & wish i still did: "Bo Diddley's Beach Party."

bring it on home, bring it to


Lisanne McT said...

On one of my many "temp" jobs I worked on the set up of "Dick Clarke's Rock & Roll auction" last winter (sounds corny but Dick had some had some really amazing stuff) ..I got to handle one of Bo Diddley's homemade guitars!People had such original style back then before the age of the luxury condo(b l.c)....i've heard some things off that album and i am sure it was played at somepoint i wasn't able to make it over to "east williamsberg"last night so i missed it myself...

Anonymous said...

it's cool. i tore it up for all of you.

maybe next year!