Carroll Gardens Meeting recap

This is my interpretation, in basic basic terms. Well as far as that building 350 Smith over by the subway is concerned, the Carroll Gardens District is "on the que" to speak to the city about it, apparantly the process could take five years unless they find a way to speed up the process. Anything the property owner wants can be built in the mean time. There ARE building codes as far as height and how much can be extended out in order not to block sunlight BUT this guy (Scarano) has been known to skirt those things. They want to see if they could tie in with the Gowanus rezoning area to see if they can speak to the powers that be quicker. The meeting was very civilized, as I was leaving a woman from Channel 12 stopped me and asked me if I could comment on what my concerns are. The woman sitting behind the desk at the funeral home interupts and says, "Don't you want to speak to a MAN!" Ha ha ha ha.....lady you cracked me up!


Anonymous said...

scarey...verrry scarrrey

Lisanne McT said...

I know, it's like, thanks for the vote of confidence sister!