Mermaid Parade 2007 was Mah-va-lous dahling!!!

This was definitely THE biggest Mermaid Parade I have ever attended in all the many years I've been going. It was great to see that so many people came out to show love for this truly special place.The parade has come a long way from when the classic cars were allowed on the boardwalk and it was pretty easy to get a good viewing spot! Getting a good spot to view was bit of a problem. I did get there early but lost time trying to hook up with friends, I ultimately gave up and had a good time on my own having the freedom to check out the parade from all different areas. M.C. Chris T. (some Rock & Roll trivia on Chris...he used to be in a popular NYC hardcore punk band from the early 80's "the Nihilistics" and also the East Village band "Missing Foundation"! He's come along way from performing "Kill Yourself"!) did a great job entertaining the crowd with a running commentary on all the paraders. The creativity and good spirit of the parade was really something else. The only dark cloud was when Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz went by on a float spouting some his typical rhetoric. I became possessed and started heckling him much to the annoyance to people standing near me (sorry i couldn't help it!.) Funny thing is I used to think Marty was cute now I wish he would just GO AWAY!!!!! Here's a few pictures, I actually didn't take many, I get sensory overload sometimes and shut down!Flicker has a gizillion images up already, here is my 2 cents worth...Elvis is everywhere.Pimped out mirrored garbage truck makes it's way up Surf Avenue.
The Queen of the parade this year was actress, Patti D'arbanville.
There were alot of politics in the parade this year (as well there should!) The best political one was the one mocking Thor equities with a guy dressed like Thor, sorry no picture!"BUMP BUMP BUMP YOUR ASS OFF!!" A Coney Island Landmark! Let's see Sitt come up with something as Brooklyn as that!

The boardwalk at 6pm.

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who walk in brooklyn said...

THANK YOU! Hey Marty, if you're reading this (because you love yourself only a teensy bit less than the great Waco, TX & Iraq War Hero, Charles Schumer)-- keep dreaming of the Mayoralty-- plenty of people have the goods on you, chump, & just because you're flush with Ratner Love (little do most people know) right NOW... wait until you try that in The Show... ain't saying the competition is much LESS loathesome but. just. you. wait.

meanwhile, remember the Eckerd's over on Smith St you fucking extolled? Yes, yes, the one where you blithered at a ribbon cutting cermony (??), "this is what's great about Brooklyn!" while two ** REAL ** Brooklyn pharmacies-- which is to say locally owned & operated maw & paw joints-- still thrived a cpl blocks away on Court St? well the Eckerd's is gonna be Rite Aid (yay! is that great too?) & both places on Court St are closed.

but hey-- maybe dreams CAN come true & you'll get a goddamn Red Lobster (or at least Long John Silver) to go with your Ikea after all? Lord knows there aren't any good seafood joints in BK & we need just that kind of greatness to make "us" great again.